Carbon to Ethanol Pilot Plan - Update

Published on Wednesday, 7 February 2024 at 4:26:00 PM

Woodside and the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) would like to inform the community that the proposed Carbon to Ethanol Pilot Plant at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility will no longer proceed. 


The Carbon to Ethanol Pilot Plant was a proposed demonstration-scale facility that would have enabled the testing of technologies that can convert greenhouse gases into useful products, in a process known as carbon capture and utilisation. While Woodside will continue to explore potential opportunities to deploy carbon capture utilisation technologies, Woodside will need to re-assess when, where and how these specific technologies can be assessed in the most feasible way. 


Woodside and the EMRC would like to extend their thanks to all members of the community that took time to learn about the proposed Pilot Plant over the past 12 months. The feedback received by community members was constructive, and actively informed the design of the Pilot Plant. 

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