Incursions and Presentations

Waste Education Support for Schools

EMRC offers support to schools in the region through the below programs.


Implementation of Containers for Change

Assistance with setting up Containers for Change system around the School. The Waste Education team can advise on the procurement of bins, signage, and setting up containers for change infrastructure around the School and assessing the best bin placement, helping to prevent contamination. The scheme is a great way to raise funds for the School. The Waste Education team can provide educational material on the Containers for Change system and present to a school assembly to ensure all students are aware of the system.


Assistance with WasteSorted school accreditation 

The Waste Education team can assist your School in becoming a WasteSorted accredited school. The team can offer advice on the application and accreditation process. The Department of Water and Environment (DWER) manages the WasteSorted program, which will assist your School in setting up infrastructure, help with source separation, and provide resources to change attitudes and behaviour around sustainable waste management. Accredited WasteSorted schools have access to grants.


Advice on reducing landfill and improving resource recovery

The Waste Education team can offer advice on best practice waste collection systems. The process includes reviewing the waste contract and assessing the current waste volume and bin placement around the School. The program will assist your School in setting up bin systems to reduce landfill and increase resource recovery. The team can also attend an assembly to explain the new approach to the students and teachers. 


Tour of Red Hill Waste Management Facility

EMRC offers Tours of Redhill Waste Management facilities to students, years 3 and above. For more details please click here or contact



The Waste Education Team are able to provide free of charge presentations to school groups on request. Presentations are only available for ≥ Year 3 students unless presented to a whole school assembly. EMRC work in conjunction with your local council to provide waste education support to schools and community groups.



Community Groups

Please contact the Waste Education team with your specific request for a tour or enquiry.


To express your interest or to make enquiries please email