WA Tree Festival

WA Tree Festival is a community celebration of trees in our urban areas and takes place in April through to May. This foliage-filled festival brings together over 100 captivating events, spreading the tree-tastic knowledge to more than 7,000 tree-enthusiasts across Western Australia.

What's in store for this year? Hold onto your sunhats, because this year's festival promises even more excitement. Explore a medley of:

The WA Tree Festival highlights the importance of our daily connection to nature, and the often-invisible benefits trees provide, to understanding issues around tree canopy loss, climate change and how you can help.

The EMRC events can be found on our Humanitix platform 

We look forward to welcoming the community to the up coming festival activities! To find out more and get involved, visit https://www.watreefestival.com.au/

WA Tree Festival 2024