EMRC launches Circular Economy Webinar Roadmap 2022

A Roadmap designed to increase awareness and catalyse the transition to a more Circular Economy in WA has been launched in 2022.

Part of a unique EMRC educational program created in collaboration with Circular Economy Western Australia (CEWA), the Roadmap is designed to benefit businesses and local governments in their approach to joining the Circular Economy revolution.

The Roadmap details nine webinars planned to run from February to November 2022. Each of the webinars will cover different aspects of how the move towards a Circular Economy will provide a boost to the regional economy and Perth's Eastern Region as a whole. Collecitvely, the nine topics in the program will build a composite picture of how a Circular Economy will work in practice and the educational aspect of the program will enable participants to start planning a move towards a Circular Economy. This will benefit organisations, state government agencies, local governments, communities and other EMRC stakeholders.

To view previously recorded webinars, see below:


Topic: What is a Circular Economy? Case Study - Oranje Tractor

Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: WL9.nan8


Topic: How to Accelerate Circularity in Local Governments

 Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: w7!0Bu8Z


Topic: Plastic Ban Best Practices and Circular Economy

Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: G^Ax9C2P


Topic: Re-thinking Textiles to Embrace Circularity Webinar 

Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: N@8&5QPd


Topic: Circular Economy Helping To Reduce Biodiversity Loss 

Meeting Recording:



Topic: How to Embrace Circularity in your Home

To view the webinar recording:


Access Passcode: &hQ6+$fm

How to Embrace Circularity in your Home

Topic: Procurement in a Circular Economy for Local Government

To view the webinar recording:


Access Passcode: ?t86hYEy

Procurement in a Circular Economy for Local Government

Topic: Paving The Way Towards Net Zero Emissions: Decarbonated Alternative Raw Materials

To view the webinar recording: 


Access Passcode: VD1PM&%O

Paving The Way Towards Net Zero Emissions