Care to Rewear: Our Textile Initiatives 

About Us

Welcome to EMRC - where sustainability meets community engagement!

In 2023, we organised over 26 clothes swaps across our Members Council areas, extending our reach to -external councils as well. Through these events we successfully diverted 2 tonnes of clothing from landfill and donated garments to various charities, including the Homeless Support Group in Bassendean and Dress for Success in Subiaco.

Our Mission

This year, we are taking our commitment to sustainability and community support to new heights. In addition to our renowned clothes swap initiative, we are embarking on a journey into the world of repair and craftsmanship. Our community is invited to participate in Sashiko workshops, lino printing, botanical dyeing, and more!

Adding Value Through Handcraft

At the EMRC, we believe that everything made by hand adds intrinsic value. Handcrafted items carry a unique charm and personal touch that mass-produced goods lack. Not only do they promote sustainability by prolonging the life of clothing and reducing waste, but they also celebrate creativity, skill-building, and cultural heritage.

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 Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and connected community! Whether you're interested in attending our clothes swaps, participating in our repair workshops, or simply learning more about sustainable living, there's a place for you at the EMRC.

 Together, let's make a difference - one stitch at a time.


Here are the different options we are offering from 1 July 2024:


1.Clothes swap equipment to organise your own!

  1. Available to EMRC Member Councils
  2. Available to Community Groups within the EMRC region


  1. For any Council outside our Member Councils area
  2. For any Community groups outside our Member Councils area


2. Fully provided clothes swap with equipment, staff and volunteers, workshop/presentation

  1. Free of charge for our Member Councils (up to 4 per year per Council)
  2. Fee for Service (please email waste for quote)