Midvale business turns Perth’s sandy soil into flourishing home-grown sustainable food source

Published on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 at 9:23:10 AM

 From green shoots to healthy roots - a Midvale couples’ dream of healthier soils for all has grown into a thriving business.

Paul and Linda Mitchener, owners of The Green Life Soil Co, saw an opportunity to share their passion for growing their own food and living more sustainably. This desire planted the seed which has led to their multi award winning business.

A basketful of recent awards have followed, including the 2018 & 2019 Sustainability Award from the Belmont & WA Small Business Awards, the 2018 CORE people’s choice ‘organic specialist’ award and most recently, they have also been inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ for the Belmont & WA Small Business Awards for placing three years in a row.

This is an amazing accomplishment for couple who in 2001, just wanted a ‘tree change’ and to reconnect with nature.

Paul and Linda started making customised soil mixes for particular needs and specific plants. As their knowledge grew, they customised and refined their mixtures. Working with a number of consultant laboratories, soil microbiologists and scientists to continually monitor and improve our soil products.  In 2008, their business was the first Perth soil company to gain Organic Certification.

“This is to ensure our soils are nutrient dense, microbially active, water efficient, and represent excellent value for money” said Linda. “Our aim is to provide the perfect growing media for your garden.”

All specialised soils are made on site. Ensuring they know exactly what goes into the product they sell. Their range of Certified Organic products also continues to grow, and includes various growing mediums, soil improvers, amendments and fertilisers.

“We get excited growing our own food and we want other people to experience the joy of that too,” explained Linda. “So, we set out to help them from the ground up - with something different; real growing mediums that provide ideal conditions for plants to help them thrive.”

The Green Life Soil Co will soon be moving to a new premise early in the new year and have taken on a new line of recycled plastics, Australian made wicking bed kits. With this they will be the first outlet for this product in WA. 

“Over the years, we have helped both experienced and novice gardeners in Perth achieve success.’ said Paul. ‘No matter what they're trying to grow we offer support, information and quality products to help them along their way.

“It is our intention to empower people to successfully garden and embrace the ‘Green Life,’” added Linda.



Contact Details:

Business name: The Green Life Soil Co

Key contact person:  Linda Mitchener

Email:  mitchener@greenlifesoil.com.au

Phone: 0439 357 476

Address: 178 Farrall Road, Midvale

Website:  www.greenlifesoil.com.au

Best times to call or visit:  anytime

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