Transport and Economic Development


The EMRC assists in the alignment of regional priorities with local area priorities to deliver outcomes that support industry investment, embrace circular economy principles, advocate for regional priorities and promote Net Zero opportunities throughout the Region.

Driving integrated transport planning initiatives aimed at providing an efficient, safe and sustainable regional transport network with increasing use of lower emission fuels is a key goal for the EMRC. This includes research, advocacy and seeking grant funding for low emission transport options such as electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the required supporting infrastructure.

The EMRC will continue to explore the Region's local economic future and discuss the role of local government in delivering business support workshops and seminars in various skill sets. Projects and initiatives leading to knowledge and resource sharing are positive avenues for economic vitality in Perth’s Eastern Region. 

Regional economic development and transport activities seek to achieve and maintain a prosperous future for Perth’s Eastern Region and its residents. A range of activities that enable infrastructure and investment to meet the needs of industry are delivered to support regional growth.

 EMRC Economic Report Card

EMRC Economic Report card 2021

EMRC Hydrogen Report card

EMRC Hydrogen Report card 2021

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