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Raising awareness around the use of shared spaces, with a focus on people with various abilities and the elderly, is the aim of the EMRC’s Share the Space campaign.

Consisting of a series of animated videos, social media advertising and other media support, Share the Space focuses on different modes of transport and addresses a number of priorities identified in the EMRC’s Regional Road Safety Plan and Regional Integrated Transport Strategy.

A study in the US showed that those disabled users are a third more likely to be injured in shared spaces. In the last year, approximately four serious gopher (mobility vehicle) accidents have occurred in Perth, resulting in the serious injury or death of a disabled person in shared spaces.

Share the Space has been designed to raise awareness around sharing paths, roads and shared spaces by using the key messages of:

In addition, the campaign will highlight a number of road rules and footpath etiquette that can impact on the enjoyment and safety of people using these spaces. Particularly when we are using different transport modes, the good intentions of others can be misunderstood or demonstrate behaviour that causes confusion or frustration.

Aware, Patient and Considerate

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Staying Safe in Shared Spaces

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